Cut to shore guidelines short explanation

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Cut to shore guidelines short explanation

In the new Stand and Site guide there is a cut to shore prescription that allows for a more natural disturbance pattern that mimics the result of a fire.  A fire would burn right to the shore of a lake and allow a younger forest to grow adjacent to the lake.  A lot of birds and mammals need this younger age class and water interface for their habitat.

The cut-to-shore prescription can be applied to a lake where the trees are at least 35 years old or older, or the trees are at least 10 m tall.  Up to 50% of the shoreline can be harvested on small lakes which are 100ha or less and up to 10 % of the shoreline on large lakes.

The cut-to-shore is not allowed on steep slopes or areas where adequate forest is not present around the rest of the lake.   Other criteria such as tourism or public concerns are also considered when determining where the cut-to-shore prescription is applied.

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