LCAC Committee Meeting Minutes February 14, 2018 Minutes



B5 OGB, Dryden, ON

Wednesday February 14, 2018


PRESENT:                    Earla Haukeness, Paul Heayn, Ron Kujansuu, Darlene Salter,

Del Schmucker, Steve Semeniuk, Darrel Sidney Vice-Chair, Erin Woodland


REGRETS:                    Penny Ratushniak, Mac Potter

ABSENT:                      Elvis Trout

INDUSTRY REPS:         Steve Young, (Domtar), Dave Legg (DFMC)

MNRF REPS:                Michelle Glena (Facilitator), DJ Armit, Derek Johnson

Karen Savage (Minute taker) (MNRF)

PRESENTER:                Dave Morris, Research Scientist, Stand Ecology Program, TB



Darryl welcomed everyone and called the meeting to order at 6:32 pm.



Agenda was reviewed.

MOTION #1            Moved by Earla, Seconded by Steve to accept the agenda.

All in favor, agenda accepted.  Quorum met.


  1. Presentation – Dave Morris – Emulating Natural Disturbance:  A Stand/Site Perspective



Karen prepared the January 10 meeting minutes and previously emailed to all members.

MOTION #2            Moved by Earla, Seconded by Ron that the January 10 minutes be approved

All in favor, minutes are approved.


     Review Previous Action Items:

(March):   Upcoming article on Stephen joining LCAC (promote trail?) (Penny/Steve) Completed.


(Jan 2018):  Karen to e-mail information re percentage of overall protected land in Dryden District to committee (get info from Derek in LTMD FMP 1 table) (Completed Jan 16)




  1. MNRF General Updates (Michelle):


  • Staffing

o   2 RT3 positions being filled, offers sent

o   District Business Coordinator on leave until March 8 (position vacant)

  • District initiatives

o   Reviewing Annual Work Schedules, final reviews of annual reports, final phases of operations planning

o   Preparing for Info Sessions

o   Preparing for 10 year DFMC plan

o   Regional Lands training next week

o   Solid waste management strategy for MNRF managed sites (provincial system)

o   Values flights next few weeks, English River this week and Caribou this week

o   Commitment to move forward with Nabish Evaluation for 10 year plan

o   Completed surveys on moose for units 5 and 8 in January, all completed within Region last week

o   Trapline flying to be completed next fall (beaver houses)

o   Question – any opportunity for public (LCAC members) to input/comment on the Nabish Wetland

o   Answer – Michelle would have to look into that


ACTION ITEM:  Michelle to request information – “Will the Nabish Evaluation restrict other users such as trappers from using other resources in the area and will there be an opportunity for input?”  Del requested this information. 


  1. Dryden Forest Update (Dave):

Harvest Areas:

  • Heilman Road
  • Wabigoon River Road
  • Wabigoon Dump Road
  • Hwy 502
  • Mafeking, Lorne Lake
  • Amesdale


  • Aerial Seeding to take place in early March


FMP Amendments

All submitted requests have been approved

FINAL 2016/17 Annual Reports submitted to MNRF

FINAL 2018/19 Annual Work Schedule submitted to MNRF


  1. Wabigoon Forest Update:

Operations update (Steve):

  • Harvest, Haul and roads are currently in and/or planning to move to Sneak, Lynx and Godson/Hwy 502 areas.  Moving to Larson in near future.
  • Resolute is in Moosehide.
  • Silviculture:
  • Revision coming for Seeding
  • Seeding to start near end of the month.
  • Annual Planning:
  • Presenting the AWS (draft) and AR (sub 2)
  • Future Amendment (2) for 2019 AWS roads and missing blocks


  • 2019-2019 Forest Management Planning:
  • Plan progress:
  • Proposed Operations are complete.
  • Compiling the documents and distribution will be on Thursday between MNRF and SFL.
  • SFL supplies the operational documents (proposed harvest, FMP tables, supp docs) and MNRF supplies background documents (values maps, summaries, etc.)


  • LCAC are encouraged to attend the Information Centers on February 20th and 21st, Dryden and Ignace. Can also attend public viewing from 3 to 7pm.
  • Time will be afforded ahead of the public for LCAC and Planning Team members to view displays and information.


Possibly schedule meeting Thursday (earlier than info session) – Lunch meeting? With Ron et al

Recommend public to go to Information Sessions express their concerns/values/request information


Wabigoon Forest MNRF Update (Derek):

  • Contingency Plan Amendment

o   AM 2 – Allocation changes

o   AM 3 – 13 new road corridors and several operational road boundaries.


  • Annual Work Schedule

o   2018-19 AWS comments return to Domtar.  Expect resubmission this week.


  • Annual Report

o   2015-2016 Annual Report  – Published to EFMP website

o   2016-17 Annual Report – Resubmitted early this week.


  • 2 Amendments received last week
  • 1 for exchange of blocks (200 ha) and add 3500 ha block missed in CP submission
  • Require classification on amendments from LCAC committee
  • Amendment requests distributed to committee to review
  • Revell Lake area, blocks added north end Bar Road area, more in southern
  • BF, trappers etc not yet notified, FN will be notified. Depending on classification will result in notification
  • If classification is major or minor, major requires public consultation
  • LCAC makes a recommendation, DM has final say
  • Appendix 6, contingency area already notified
  • No new area, pulling area that was missed on paperwork
  • Amendment maps were reviewed by committee
  • Paul made a Motion for the LCAC to recommend to the DM that Amendment #2 be an administrative amendment
  • Committee went round table voting, discussion
  • Motion changed to LCAC to recommend to the DM that Amendment #2 be an administrative amendment with enhanced notification to affected stakeholders , seconded by Del as amended (with enhanced notification)
  • Motion voted on and majority in favor


  • Amendment 3 – 13 new primary roads to allow opportunity to build roads in advance of proposed allocation (will be shown at Information Sessions)
  • Darrel made a motion that the LCAC recommend to the DM that Amendment #3 be a minor amendment, seconded by Paul. Motion voted on and majority in favor


  • Request that Amendments be given to LCAC committee members prior to meeting
  • ACTION ITEM: Michelle to look into giving Amendments to LCAC committee members prior to meetings.  Steve – he follows manual, letter is distributed at meeting


  1. New Business/Correspondence

Round Table

Planning Team Rep discussed – Mac Potter is WF Planning Team Rep

Information Session – advertising discussed, posters distributed

Del will bring a report from the Trappers’ Council – put on next month agenda


  1. Financial Report

Distributed (back of Agenda)


  1. Next Meeting

          Regular Meeting

          Date:        March 21, 2018  B5 (so Penny can attend)

          Time:       6:30 pm



1        SEI (Social Economic Impact) study that SSM is doing. (mandatory – in house)

2        Wood Flow for Dryden Forest and Domtar (NWR representative)

3        Pesticides as a Social Consideration (MNRF Specialist)

4        Roads Agreements (MB suggested Sally Sipos from Domtar)

5        Provincial Ecosystem Classification as it relates to FRI

6        Domtar to host a meeting at a future date to demonstrate 3D FRI imagery

7        Nabish Area Km 4 field trip (Penny suggested)

8        Fish and Wildlife Offences – Charges – Special Purpose Account (Dan Hale) (Darlene’s request)

9        NOTO, Laurie Marcil Exec Director – Economic Impact of Tourism/ Value of an RSA (Earla suggestion) (MAY)





(Feb):  Michelle to request information – “Will the Nabish Evaluation restrict other users such as trappers from using other resources in the area and will there be an opportunity for input?”  Del requested this information. 


(Feb):  Michelle to look into giving Amendments to LCAC committee members prior to meetings.



Having no further business, Darrel Sidney, Chair, adjourned the meeting at 9:57 p.m.



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               (Chair)                                                           (L.C.A.C. Member)