LCAC Committee Meeting Minutes March 14, 2018 Minutes



B5 OGB, Dryden, ON

Wednesday March 21, 2018


PRESENT:                    Earla Haukeness, Ron Kujansuu, Mac Potter, Penny Ratushniak-Chair, Darlene Salter, Steve Semeniuk, Darrel Sidney Vice-Chair, Erin Woodland

 REGRETS:                    Paul Heayn, Del Schmucker

ABSENT:                      Elvis Trout

INDUSTRY REPS:         Steve Young, (Domtar)

MNRF REPS:                Michelle Glena (Facilitator), DJ Armit, Derek Johnson, Karen Savage (Minute taker) (MNRF)

PRESENTER:                Nil



Penny welcomed everyone and called the meeting to order at 6:34 pm.



Agenda was reviewed.

MOTION #1            Moved by Darrel, Seconded by Darlene to accept the agenda.

All in favor, agenda accepted.  Quorum met.



Karen prepared the February 14 meeting minutes and previously emailed to all members.

MOTION #2            Moved by Darryl, Seconded by Steve that the minutes be approved

All in favor, minutes are approved.


ü  Penny expressed thanks to all members who assisted with additional advertising effort for the Wabigoon Forest Information Centers.

ü  Penny advised any comments sent in regarding FMP, it is the opinion of the person submitting, not the committee.  Nothing to be tagged as LCAC submission at this point.

ü  Mac was asked by Mike Grant, North Western Ontario Prospectors Assoc re mining affiliation on Dryden LCAC – Mac’s affiliation is mining – they did not have him listed.


     Review Previous Action Items:


(Feb):  Michelle to enquire re opportunity for public to input/comment on Nabish Evaluation.

Michelle advised the wording needs to be changed to, “Will the Nabish Evaluation restrict other users such as trappers from using other resources in the area and will there be an opportunity for input?”  Del requested this information.  Michelle advised there has been no response to date.  Carry Forward


(Feb):  Michelle to look into giving Amendments to LCAC committee members prior to meetings.

Michelle distributed a one page summary of Amendment review for the LCAC.  Michelle to further revise the document and coordinate a review with Domtar and DFMC.  (in manual Amendments Part C).  Completed

Penny asked a question regarding 2b) DM to prepare a written decision within 15 days of receipt of request…

Steve responded – there would be a discussion between the DM and plan author whether to proceed, then the request for classification goes out.

List of information in FMP manual (letter)

If Chair/co-chair deem necessary to distribute amendment information ahead of meeting to LCAC members, they will proceed with distribution.

Steve Young and Michelle to discuss this handout/request.




  1. MNRF General Updates (Michelle):


  • Staffing

o   Ryan Helbling returning April 5th – Resource Management Technician (RMT)

o   Jennifer Wall started backfill for John Ringrose RMT until next March

o   Michelle Riley started in Ignace as RMT


  • District initiatives

o   Work Planning Starting for field season

o   Forest management planning

o   Compliance inspections

o   Mentorship with new RT3’s

o   Nabish Wetland Evaluation

o   Telemetry project

o   3 bear hair lines within units 5 and 8 – 6 week project (look at DNA)

o   Dedicated inspection on pits

o   Land use permit inspecting

o   SEM

o   Hiring students for the summer season shortly


  1. Dryden Forest Update (DJ on Dave’s behalf):

Harvest Areas:

  • Heilman Road
  • Wabigoon River Road
  • Hwy 502
  • Mafeking, Lorne Lake
  • Amesdale
  • Operations gearing up for a new year: licensing, new maps etc.


  • Aerial Seeding to take place this week


FMP Amendments

All submitted requests have been approved


DJ handed out Appendix 6 Categorization of Amendments (Part C) – As per the LCAC Terms of Reference any amendments that meet the criteria outlined in Appendix 6 will be deemed Administrative and do not require LCAC categorization.  DM may request specific administrative amendments still be reviewed by the LCAC for a recommended classification.



  • Specified Procedure audit – 100% audit of 2016/17 Renewal Trust Fund expenses, invoices, etc.
  • KPMG is the auditor
  • Independent Forest Audit – 2013-2018 term
  • Waiting for auditor to be selected


  • SFI Re-Certification Audit in September
  • SAI Global is the auditor


Darlene asked who are the shareholders of DFMC, and how many

DJ responded we are unable to provide shareholder names as we are not privy to this information as it pertains to DFMC business.


  1. Wabigoon Forest Update:


Operations update (Steve):


Harvest and Haul:

  • Chippers are currently in Lynx/Little Tag blocks 2578 and 2582.
  • They will then move to Rattlesnake, Mud Lake, Walmsley, block 2536 and Godson before April 1st.
  • After April 1st they will move to Tower and Carson
  • Hardwood is in Snake Bay and Sneak
  • Road Construction will start up this spring



  • Aerial seeding was completed early March.  Took approximately 4 days.

Annual Planning:

  • 15/16 Annual Report was resubmitted and approved
  • 16/17 Annual Report was resubmitted and approved
  • Click on embedded doc to view Annual report for year 9 that was presented
  • 2018/2019 Annual Work Schedule has been approved
  • Amendments (2 and 3) have been submitted.  Amendment 2 has been approved; amendment 3 is being reviewed


2019-2029 Forest Management Planning:

Plan progress:

  • Awaiting the end of the public review period on proposed operations (April 22nd).

o   We have received some comments on the proposed operations and we are going to start addressing those.

  • Currently developing/working towards a Draft Plan.
  • Working on all the items that can be worked on ahead of public review period ending
  • Submission will be June 15th.


Dryden Ski Club Area 2019-2029 FMP Operations (detailed map provided)

  • From review at Information Center, found an oversight on map
  • During negotiation/discussion with Ski Hill – wood was eligible for harvest but Domtar not going to harvest all wood


  1. New Business/Correspondence


Dryden Forest Planning Team LCAC Representatives – Volunteers – Paul and Mac

Accepted the two volunteers, a vote commenced

Rep will be Paul

Alternate will be Mac


Review/Discuss upcoming presentations

  • Add Del’s presentation to April meeting
  • Confirm if Dan Hale is available for Enforcement presentation in June
  • NOTO – Karen to contact for Thursday May 3rd
  • SEI in house – who would present?
  • Remove Landscape Guide … (overview was presented)


Round Table

  • Michelle to find out re FMZ5 changes were political or scientific – Earla (ie what was the basis for applying changes)
  • Darlene – Cross Country Ski Trails – discussion held. Recommend individuals to submit comments to the MNRF/Domtar.  Derek informed members that submissions of multiple names on petitions would be counted as one submission per name.
  • Public can request LCAC member to bring forward their concerns to the District Manager. Get request in writing (including names).
  • Penny – Amendments – not here to hold up Amendments, need information to make a decision.


  1. Financial Report

Distributed (back of Agenda)


  1. Next Meeting

          Regular Meeting

          Date:        April 11, 2018  B5 (Penny not available)

          Time:       6:30 pm



1        April – Dryden Trapper Council Report – Del Schmucker (added to April Agenda)

2        May – NOTO, Laurie Marcil Exec Director – Economic Impact of Tourism/ Value of an RSA (Earla’s suggestion) (Karen requested)

3        June – Fish and Wildlife Offences /Charges – Special Purpose Account (Dan Hale) (Darlene’s request) (Karen requested)

4        Spring members only field trip? – Nabish Area Km 4 field trip (Penny suggested)

5        SEI (Social Economic Impact) study that SSM is doing. (mandatory – in house)

6        Wood Flow for Dryden Forest and Domtar (NWR representative)

7        Pesticides as a Social Consideration (MNRF Specialist)

8        Roads Agreements (MB suggested Sally Sipos from Domtar)

9        Provincial Ecosystem Classification as it relates to FRI

10    Domtar to host a meeting at a future date to demonstrate 3D FRI imagery




(Feb)   Will the Nabish Evaluation restrict other users such as trappers from using other resources in the area and will there be an opportunity for input?  Del requested this information.  Michelle advised there has been no response to date.  Carry Forward



Having no further business, Penny Ratushniak, Chair, adjourned the meeting at 8:30 p.m.



_____________________                         ________________________

               (Chair)                                                           (L.C.A.C. Member)








LCAC Amendment Reviews


Roles & Responsibilities

  1. MNRF to make LCAC members aware of proposed amendments and request for classification (administrative, minor, major).
  2. MNRF to provide opportunity for LCAC to review proposed amendment information prior to proceeding with the amendment.
  3. DM may consult LCAC through Chair in the event LCAC committee not readily available for administrative amendments.
  4. DM to prepare a written decision within 15 days of receipt of request. If LCAC disagrees with classification the DM records nature of disagreement and it is identified in letter to SFL.
  5. LCAC provides recommended classification of amendment based on information presented.
  6. LCAC is to reach a consensus on recommended classification.
  7. LCAC Chair\Co-Chair provides the recommended classification to the DM. The recommendation should also identify if there were any members not in support of the classification.
  8. SFL holders to provide the necessary background information and supporting documentation to allow the LCAC to provide an appropriate recommendation to the DM.
  9. SFL holders to be in attendance at review to address questions related to the amendment that will assist in facilitating the recommended classification.
  10. If deemed necessary the SFL will circulate pertinent information prior to meeting in an effort to facilitate classification process.
  11. MNRF to work with LCAC Chair\Co-Chair to determine appropriate materials and timelines.
  12. LCAC members to adhere to FIPPA as it pertains to ensure confidentiality is maintained. (no distribution of materials\information).



Categorization of Amendments

(Part C of the 2009 Forest Management Planning Manual)


Amendments could range from simple corrections to the text of an approved forest management plan to changes requiring comprehensive planning, public consultation and Aboriginal involvement. Therefore, three categories of amendments are provided: administrative, minor, and major. For any amendment, the planning requirements will depend on the nature of the proposed operations. The MNRF review and approval requirements, and the opportunities for public consultation and Aboriginal involvement, will differ depending upon the category of amendment.


The MNRF District Manager, in consultation with the local citizens committee, will decide if preparation of the proposed amendment should proceed, and the appropriate categorization of the amendment as administrative, minor or major.


Amendment Requests will be presented to the LCAC for their input on categorization. Requests received between meeting dates and requiring a response prior to the next scheduled meeting will be dealt with in a timely manner.  The Request will be sent by MNRF to the LCAC Chair who in turn may contact a minimum of three LCAC members to form a sub-committee who will review and provide comments.


The LCAC agrees that the following list summarizes examples of situations under which MNRF may process amendment requests deemed to be administrative without having to provide the information to the LCAC prior to processing the amendment. The following list summarizes examples of those situations;


1)    New values identified that are required to be incorporated into the current plan for which there is no Area of Concern (AOC) prescription in the FMP which covers the value.

2)    Additions to the Plan related to incorrect FRI (Forest Resource Inventory) for stands which have been reviewed during the planning process but are incorrectly located on the map due to incorrect typing.  Also, narrow strips of operable wood adjacent to approved harvest blocks which have incorrect FRI typing (ie: identified as wood not ready for harvesting but in fact is)

3)    Corrections of errors in text, tables, and maps of approved plans.

4)    Requests to permit operations within an approved contingency or surplus area.

5)    Changes to the Silvicultural Ground Rules (SGR’s)

6)    Adding portions of  Operational Road Boundaries (ORB’s)

7)    Adding Extraction Area’s 3 Ha’s in size.

8)    Harvesting in past harvest areas (ie. birch or residual poplar)

9)    Reclassification of existing roads where such reclassification will not change the road use strategy

10) Legally required amendments as a result of legislative or policy changes which will not impact known values or interests.

The list above will be updated to include the new examples as they are identified.


There are no formal public consultation requirements for the preparation of an administrative amendment.  (2009 FMP manual, page C-8, lines 39-41)

  A summary of amendments approved will be presented to the LCAC yearly.