This Local Citizens Advisory Committee (LCAC) is established to assist the Ministry of Natural Resources with the preparation, implementation and amendment of resource management plans including Forest Management Plans within the Dryden District by:

  • Increasing the effectiveness of public consultation and public participation
  • Providing advice and recommendations to the planning team and District Manager to satisfactorily resolve resource planning issues.


  • Ensuring that local concerns are addressed in resource management planning.
  • Identifying resource values such as: fisheries, wildlife, cottages, tourist establishments, cultural heritage sites, etc.
  • Consulting the community to gather factual information that will bring credibility to the resource planning process.
  • Promoting the integration of allĀ participatingĀ stakeholders.
  • Assisting with monitoring the implementation of resource management plans.


  • Commitment to sustainable resource management in an ecologically sound manner.
  • Prompt attention to local concerns with a response in the earliest, reasonable time frame possible.
  • Consensus, objective decision making.
  • Consistency and credibility.