ABF                 Annual Burn Fraction or Annual Disturbance Proportion (SFMM)

ABIR               Aboriginal Background Information Report

ADM               Assistant Deputy Minister

AFA                 Algonquin Forestry Authority

AFFESB           Aviation, Forest Fire and Emergency Services Branch (previously Aviation, Flood and Fire Management Branch)

AFFMB            Aviation, Flood and Fire Management Branch (now Aviation, Forest Fire and Emergency Services Branch)

AGS                 Acceptable Growing Stock

AHA                Available Harvest Area (previously Maximum Allowable Depletion)

AHV                Available Harvest Volume

AMAPCEO      Association of Management Administrative and Professional Crown Employees of Ontario

ANSI                Area of Natural and Scientific Interest

AOC                Area of Concern

AOU                Area of the Undertaking

APA                 Archaeological Potential Areas

AR                   Annual Report

ARA                Aquatic Resource Area

ATK                 Aboriginal Traditional Knowledge

AWS                Annual Work Schedule



BFOLDS          Boreal Forest Landscape Disturbance Simulation Model

B&S                 Barren and Scattered

BMA                 Bear Management Area

BMI                  Base Model Inventory

BMP                Best Management Practice



CA                   Conservation Authority

CCP                 Caribou Conservation Plan

CFA                 Canadian Forestry Association

CFIP                Community Fisheries Involvement Program

CFS                  Canadian Forestry Service

CFSA               Crown Forest Sustainability Act

CHU                Critical Habitat Unit

CH                   Cultural Heritage

CIF                  Canadian Institute of Forestry

CLAAG             Careful Logging Around Advanced Growth

Class EA          Environmental Assessment Board’s Reason for Decision and Decision: Class Environmental Assessment by the  

                          Ministry of Natural Resources for Timber Management on Crown Lands in Ontario

                         (EA-87-02)  (also Timber EA)

CLI                  Canada Land Inventory

CLRM              Crown Land Roads Manual

CLU                 Crown Land Use

CMU                Crown Management Unit

CNFER            Centre for Northern Forest Ecosystem Research

CO                   Conservation Officer

CP                    Contingency Plan

CR                   Conservation Reserve

CRO                Condition on Regular Operations

CSA                 Canadian Standards Association

CWIP               Community Wildlife Involvement Program

CWS                Canadian Wildlife Service



D&D                Damage and Destruction

DCL                 District Cutting Licence

Dec Order         Declaration Order MNR-71 regarding MNR’s Class EA Approval for Forest Mgt on

Crown Lands in Ontario

DF&B              Desired Forest and Benefits

DHCS              Dynamic Caribou Habitat Schedule

DM                  Deputy Minister

DM                  District Manager

DMC                District Management Committee

DS                   Development Stage



EA                   Environmental Assessment

EAA                 Environmental Assessment Act

EAB                 Environmental Assessment Board

AEB                 Emerald Ash Borer

EBR                 Environmental Bill of Rights

EIA                  Environmental Impact Assessment

EIS                   Environmental Impact Statement

ELC                 Ecological Land Classification

ELUP               Ecological Land Use Plan

END                 Endangered

ENGO              Environmental Non-Government Organization

EPA                 Environmental Protection Act

ER                   Environmental Registry

ESA                 Endangered Species Act

ESA                 Environmentally Sensitive Area

ESRI                Environmental Scientific Research Institute



F&W                Fish and Wildlife

FA                   Fisheries Act (Federal)

FAMU             Forest Analysis and Modelling Unit

FAQ                 Frequently Asked Question

FB                    Forest Branch (previously Forest Mgt Branch)

FCC                 Forest Fire Cycle or Disturbance Cycle (SFMM)

FEAR               Five Year Environmental Assessment Report on Forest Management

FEC                 Forest Ecosystem Classification

FFTF                Forestry Futures Trust Fund

FGRA              Free Growing Regeneration Assessment

FIAG                Forest Industry Action Group

FIM                  Forest Information Manual

FIPPA              Freedom of Information & Protection of Privacy Act

FLaPS              Forest Land Productivity Survey

FLEP                Forest Landscape Ecology Program

FLRA               Final List of Required Alterations

FMP                 Forest Management Plan

FMPM             Forest Management Planning Manual FMU           Forest Management Unit (also MU)

FOIP                Forest Operations Inspection Program

FOIR                Forest Operations Inspection Report

FOP                 Forest Operations Prescription

FOSM              Forest Operations and Silviculture Manual

FRAP                Forest Resources Assessment Policy (previously Forests Production Policy)

FRDA               Forest Resources Development Agreement

FRI                  Forest Resources Inventory

FRIDES            Forest Resources Inventory Data Entry System

FRIROS           Forest Resources Inventory Report Output System

FRL                 Forest Resources Licence

FRO                 Forest Resources of Ontario

FRTF               Forest Renewal Trust Fund

FSC                  Forest Stewardship Council

FTG                 Free-to-Grow

FU                   Forest Unit

FWCA             Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act



G&Y                Growth and Yield

GHP                 General Habitat Protection

GIS                  Geographic Information System

GLSL               Great Lakes – Saint Lawrence

GPS                 Global Positioning System



HA                  Harvest Area

Ha                    Hectare

HARO              Harvest and Regeneration Option

HARP              Harvest with Advanced Regeneration Protection

HPCH              High Potential Cultural Heritage (now known as APA)

HPS                 High Potential Sensitivity to forest management operations

HRT                 Harvest, Renewal, Tending

HSA                 Habitat Suitability (Supply) Analysis

HSG                 Harvest Schedule Generator

HSI                  Habitat Suitability Index

HU                   Habitat Unit



IEA                  Individual Environmental Assessment

IFA                  Independent Forest Audit

IR                    Issue Resolution

IRB                  Industry Relations Branch (previously Forest Industry Section)

IRM                 Information Resources Management

IRM                 Integrated Resources Management



LCAC              Local Citizens’ Advisory Committee

LDA                 Landscape Diversity Analysis

LDI                  Landscape Diversity Index

LEAP               Landscape Ecology Analysis Package

LFMC              Local Forest Management Corporations

LG                   Landscape Guide

LIO                  Land Information Ontario

LIS                   Land Index System

LLP                  Large Landscape Patch

LMS                 Learning Management System

LPS                  Low Potential Sensitivity to Forest Management Operations

LRC                 Land and Resource Cluster

LRIA                Lakes and Rivers Improvement Act

LTER               Long Term Ecological Research (Program)

LTMD              Long Term Management Direction

LUP                 Land Use Permit or Plan



MA                  Management Area

MAFA              Moose Aquatic Feeding Area

MAI                 Moose Aerial Inventory

MIS                  Mill Information System (previously Forest Industry Mill Information System)

MIST                Modelling and Inventory Support Tool

MNDM            Ministry of Northern Development Mines (Ontario)

MNO                Metis Nation of Ontario

MNRF              Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (Ontario)

MOA                Memorandum of Agreement

MOE                Ministry of Environment (Ontario

MPS                 Moderate Potential Sensitivity to Forest Management Operations

MU                  Management Unit (also (Forest) FMU)



NAFA              National Aboriginal Forestry Association

NAN/WTC       Nishnawbe-Aski Nation/Windigo Tribal Council

NDPEG            Natural Disturbance Pattern Emulation Guide

(Official title: Forest Management Guide for Natural Disturbance Pattern Emulation)

NER                 Northeast Region

NFDP               National Forestry Database Program

NGO                Non-Government Organization

NHIS                Natural Heritage Information System

NMA               Non-Modelling Approach

NMV               Net Merchantable Volume

NOTO              Nature and Outdoor Tourism Ontario (previously Northern Ontario Tourist and Outfitters Association)

NPP                 Net Primary Productivity

NPV                 Net Present Value

NRC                Natural Resources Canada

NRIC               Natural Resource Information Centre (previously Public Information Centre)

NRVIS             Natural Resources Values Information System

NWR               Northwest Region



OBM                Ontario Base Map

OBS                 Ontario Biodiversity Strategy

OFA                 Ontario Federation of Agriculture

OFA                 Ontario Forestry Association

OFAAB            Ontario Forest Accord Advisory Board

OFIA                Ontario Forest Industry Association

OFIS                Ontario Fisheries Information System

OFRI                Ontario Forest Research Institute

OJICREE           Ojibway/Cree Language

OLI                  Ontario Land Inventory

OLT                 Ontario Landscape Tool

OMAA             Ontario Métis and Aboriginal Association

OMNRF            Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources & Forestry (also MNRF)

OPFA               Ontario Professional Foresters’ Association

ORB                Operational Road Boundary

OSSIS              Ontario Seed and Stock Information System

OTIB                Ontario Tree Improvement Board

OWHAM         Ontario Wildlife Habitat Assessment Model

OWIS               Ontario Wildlife Information System



PA                   Protected Area

PARFM            Provincial Annual Report on Forest Management

PB                    Prescribed Burn

PCT                 Pre-Commercial Thinning

PD                   Policy Division

PF                    Protection Forest

PFCMIS           Provincial Fish Culture Management Information System

PFMT               Provincial Forest Management Team

PFR                  Production Forest Reserve

PFRS                Provincial Forest Resource System

PFSF                Policy Framework for Sustainable Forests

PLA                 Public Lands Act

PLANFU          Plan Forest Units

PFL                  Private Land Forestry

PLRA               Preliminary List of Required Alterations

PM                   Project Manager

PMO                Provincial Mapping Office

PMS                 Proposed Management Strategy

PPCRA            Provincial Parks and Conservation Reserves Act

PST                  Process Streamlining Test

PSW                 Provincially Significant Wetland

PT                    Planning Team

PTSBS             Provincial Timber Scaling and Billing System



RBT                 Resource Based Tourism

RBTO              Resource Based Tourism Outfitters

RCP                 Riparian Code of Practice

RD                   Regional Director

REIM               Regional Economic Impact Model

RLUP               Regional Land Use Plan

RMP                Resources Management Plan

ROD                Regional Operations Division

R.P.F.               Registered Professional Forester

RPFO               Report of Past Forest Operations

RPIAV             Report on Protection of Identified Aboriginal Values

RRAS              Regional Resources Allocation Strategy

RSA                 Resource Stewardship Agreement

RTE                 Rare, Threatened and Endangered (now Special Concern, Threatened and Endangered)

Rx                    Prescription



SA                   Supply Agreement (previously Timber Supply Agreement)

SAP                 Supplementary Aerial Photography

SAR                 Species at Risk

SARB              Species at Risk Branch

SARO              Species at Risk in Ontario

SAS                 Silvicultural Assessment System

SC                    Special Concern

SCA                 Seed Collection Area

SD                   Site District (e.g. SD4E2)

SDMD             Stand Density Management Diagram

SEA                 Socio Economic Assessment

SEIM               Socio-Economic Impact Model

SEMMO           Silviculture Effectiveness Monitoring Manual for Ontario

SER                 State of Environment Report

SEV                 Statement of Environmental Values

SF                    Sustainable Forestry

SFI                   Sustainable Forestry Initiative

SFL                  Sustainable Forestry Licence (previously Forest Mgt Agreement)

SFMM             Strategic Forest Management Model

SFU                 Standard Forest Unit

SGR                 Silvicultural Ground Rule

SIP                   Site Preparation

SIRD                Science and Information Resources Division (MNRF)

SIS                   Silvicultural Information System

SOFR               State of the Forest Report

Sp                    Species (singular)

Spp                  Species (plural)

SR                    Site Region

SR                    Southern Region

SRNV              Simulated Range of Natural Variation

SSG                 Stand and Site Guide (Official title: Forest Management Guide

for Conserving Biodiversity at the Stand and Site Scales)

SSI                   Southern Science and Information Unit

STARS             Silvicultural Treatments Assessment and Reporting System

STEMS            Silvicultural Treatments Effectiveness Monitoring System

STP                  Silviculture Treatment Package

SupDoc            Supplementary Documentation



TEK                 Traditional Ecological Knowledge

TIA                  Tree Improvement Area

Timber EA        Environmental Assessment Board’s Reason for Decision and Decision: Class

                        Environmental Assessment by the Ministry of Natural Resources for Timber

                        Management on Crown Lands in Ontario (EA-87-02) (also Class EA)

TOR                 Terms of Reference



UCCM             United Chiefs and Councils of Manitoulin

UGS                 Unacceptable Growing Stock

UHF                 Ultra High Frequency

UMS                Use Management Strategy

UOI                  Union of Ontario Indians



WCT                Water Classification Tool

WEIMS            Wetland Evaluation Information Management System

WIA                 Woodlands Improvement Act

WMU               Wildlife Management Unit

WSCP              Wood Supply Competitive Process

WSFGAM        Well Spaced Free Growing Regeneration Assessment Manual